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Load Balancing Error Message

We have two ASA 5550's, ver. 8.0.4. We just recently set them up for Load Balancing. Every time the user logins to Cisco VPN client (, we got two email notifications for the below message. We got the error messages every time every user logins to the Cisco VPN client

163>%ASA-3-713128: Connection attempt to VCPIP redirected to VCA peer via load balancing

163>%ASA-3-713902: Group = office, IP = XX.XXX.XXX.XXX, Removing peer from peer table failed, no match!

The user was able to access the internal resources. The two ASA's have the exact configurations. Do you have any suggestions how to fix the problem?




Re: Load Balancing Error Message

Error Message - %PIX|ASA-3-713128: Connection attempt to VCPIP redirected to VCA peer IP_address via load balancing

Explanation - This message appears when a connection attempt has been made to the VCPIP and has been redirected to a less loaded peer using load balancing.

Recommended Action - None required.


Error Message - %PIX|ASA-3-713902 descriptive_event_string

Explanation - This system log message could have several possible text strings describing an error. This may be the result of a configuration error either on the headend or remote access client.

Recommended Action - It might be necessary to troubleshoot the configuration to determine the cause of the error. Check the ISAKMP and crypto map configuration on both peers.

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Re: Load Balancing Error Message

Thanks for your response. How do I check ISAKMP and crytop map configuration on both peers?


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