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Loading new PIX 515E startup config...Easy question

I can not seem to get this right. Im trying to load a new PIX configuration file to the startup config of a PIX515E so when a reboot is done, it loads the new config. This is for a ISP change at a live site. I guess TFTP would work and i could verify config after but i can not even get that far. Can someone please provide the correct syntax for a PIX 515E 6.3(4).

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Re: Loading new PIX 515E startup config...Easy question

Here you go.

Backing up and restoring in your version code

say this is the tftp server ip:

pix515cfg is just a make up name, you may use different name.

backing up config

Firewall#write net

restoring or pooling config from a tftp server

firewall(config)#config net



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Re: Loading new PIX 515E startup config...Easy question

I need to copy configuration to the startup config only.

Re: Loading new PIX 515E startup config...Easy question

As far as I know in PIX code 6.x there is no concept of running or startup config like you would find in IOS based devices, unless you are running code 7.x or above you can do it. So you could either build your config on an exact diffrent model and push it to others same models via tftp and reload.

Pix code 6.3.5 or bellow

PIX515E# show flash

flash file system: version:3 magic:0x12345679

file 0: origin: 0 length:1978424

file 1: origin: 2097152 length:82185

file 2: origin: 2621440 length:3557

file 3: origin: 2752512 length:3152452

file 4: origin: 0 length:0

file 5: origin:16646144 length:308

PIX515E#copy tftp ?

Usage: copy capture: tftp:/// [pcap]

copy http[s]://[:@][:]/

flash[:[image | pdm]]

copy tftp[:[[//location][/pathname]]] flash[:[image | pdm]]

PIX/ASA code 7.x or above

asa5500fw# copy tftp startup-config

Address or name of remote host []?



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