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New Member

Loading PIX Device Manager

I'm a bit out of my element here. I spent about an hour looking for a discussion on this subject but failed. I also didn't see a way to search messages.

I'm stuck with the loading of PDM. It says "Loading PIX Device Manager. Please wait ..."

I am behind a DSL gateway in bridging mode.

Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Loading PIX Device Manager

Hi .. please make sure your system staisfies the minimum requirements and specially Java. Also are you trying to connected to the Inside interface from an host located on the same inside segment ..?

Browser Requirements

The following are the requirements to access PDM from a browser:

■ JavaScript and Java must be enabled. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, your

JDK version should be 1.1.4 or higher. To check which version you have, launch PDM.

When the PDM information window comes up, the field JDK Version indicates your

JDK version. If you have an older JDK version, you can get the latest JVM from

Microsoft by downloading the product called Virtual Machine.

■ Browser support for SSL must be enabled. The supported versions of Internet Explorer

and Netscape Navigator support SSL without requiring additional configuration.

Example 13-1 show flashfs Command Output

pix# show flashfs

flash file system: version:2 magic:0x12345679

file 0: origin: 0 length:1540152

file 1: origin: 1572864 length:6458

file 2: origin: 0 length:0

file 3: origin: 2752512 length:4539600

file 4: origin:16646144 length:280


PIX Firewall Requirements to Run PDM 377

Windows Requirements

The following are required to access PDM from a Windows NT/2000 operating system:

■ Windows 2000 (Service Pack 3), Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 4 and higher), Windows

98, Windows ME, or Windows XP.

■ Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 5.0 (Service Pack 1) or higher (5.5

recommended), Netscape Communicator 4.51 or higher (4.76 recommended). Internet

Explorer is recommended because of its faster load times.

■ Any Pentium III or equivalent processor running at 450 MHz or higher.

■ At least 256 MB of RAM.

■ A 1024×768-pixel display and at least 256 colors are recommended.

I hope it helps ... please rate it if it does !!

New Member

Re: Loading PIX Device Manager

OK, I got the same thing, but have it working, I think. I'm brand new as is my PIX501 (at mfg default settings Out Of Box) so, all Cisco experts blast away and sacrifice a newbie if I don't follow convention...

Enviroment: WindowsXP SP2 with all Updates

PIX501 v6.3(5) 3DES PDM v3.0(4) Java v1.5.0 Update 6

MS Internet Explorer 6.0

1. Get latest Java, either from disk that shipped with the PIX (and get updates) or from and install. Reattempt to start PDM. Allow popups for this site.

2. Observe certificate warning.

Says not a trusted cert, invalid name, etc. at least the date is good. Anyway, view the cert and note that you can then install the certificate, check let the system decide where to install (CA Store). Check the box always trust content from this publisher. Observe more warnings about name does not match, do you want to continue, hit yes and behold enter username and password, leave blank hit OK. Observe another warning Application signature... do you want to run click yes (check the box always trust content from this publisher) Hit OK, observe blank username and password, Hit OK, lastly if Windows firewall was on, it sends warning select unblock and up comes the cool looking PDM.

After an entire day of fighting with it that's what I've done.

Get Java update, Install certificate.

Hope it can help you. Good luck. PIX is not friendly, then like Listernine it's gotta be good, right?

New Member

Re: Loading PIX Device Manager

I thank you both. I have an ethernet lan of Macintosh computers and wireless access for Windows laptops. I was trying to access PDM through the Mac. It works OK when plugged directly into a laptop ethernet port but it is very inconvenient. I hadn't tried the laptop prior to posting my question.

Since PDM is accessed through a browser is there any reason it shouldn't work from a MAC?

New Member

Re: Loading PIX Device Manager

Since PDM is accessed through a browser is there any reason it shouldn't work from a MAC?

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