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Logging and Accounting in CVPN3k


I have a CVPN3k and I want to know how to export reports about number of users connected last month, traffic generated, etc. Is there a way to do this? Must be done by scripting?

I have configured some accounting servers to receive info but I see this error in SAVELOG.TXT:

15282 09/12/2005 10:18:22.140 SEV=4 AUTH/11 RPT=196

Accounting failed: Reason = No active server found

handle = 16, server = (none), user =

What is the problem? The accounting configuration of the CVPN is easy and every parameter was given me by the RADIUS admin of the machine supposed to do the accounting. Can be a problem in the accounting server??

Thanks in advance.


Re: Logging and Accounting in CVPN3k


Are you sure of the shared secret keys ? Is the radius in sync with VPN concentrator? Is the radius server behind any firewall ? in case it is, you need to make sure you open UDP 1813 (default value) for radius accounting.....

Are you seeing any logs on the radius server with respect to any packets coming from VPN concentrator??


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Re: Logging and Accounting in CVPN3k

Hi, Raj.

Thanks fot the help but I managed to discover the problem. I forgot to create a rule to permit accounting to port 1813. I added this port to the authentication rule and now everything works fine.


Re: Logging and Accounting in CVPN3k

Thanks cool. Can you mark the post as solved, which can help others. Rate replies if found useful.

All the best


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Re: Logging and Accounting in CVPN3k

Hi Raj.

Two questions:

1. How can I mark a post as solved?

2. The RADIUS admin told me that all acct logs go to mySQL. In order to get some statistics is there any program or script that can do that for me? I would like to know usage and traffic statistics, for example.



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