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Lost Failover Comm. w/mate

In the past 4 days I'm seeing a lot of 105005 messages in my PIX logs.

105005 (Secondary) Lost Failover communications with mate on interface 5

I then see 105008, which tells me it's testing the interface.

Then 105009 saying the test 'PASSED'.

10 instances of this in the last 4 days.

Am I about to lose an interface?

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Re: Lost Failover Comm. w/mate

Did you check that interface for any errors?

sh int

sh fail

It could be a bad cable between them... Try to replace patch cord(s).

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Re: Lost Failover Comm. w/mate

I see the following on the failover interface:

13 input errors, 12 CRC, 1 frame, 0 overrun, 12 ignored, 0 abort.

And when I do a sh fail, I see no xerr's or rerr's

Having said all that, I have no idea what it all means.


Re: Lost Failover Comm. w/mate

Well, the most bothersome one of these counters is the CRC errors. This generally indicates a physical layer issue. How are these interfaces physically connected? x-over, switch, etc..? Did you try swapping out the cable and seeing what this did. The syslog message you indicated in the original post means that the hello packets that the two PIX's exchange with one another were not received for an interval that is 3 X your hello send interval (15 secs by default I think). We then put an interface in testing rather than fail the whole box to make sure there really is a problem. You interface is passing the test which is keeping the failover from occuring. What kind of traffic do you have a on int5? If this is your lan failover link, any chance you had issued a 'wr mem' just before the syslogs?

So, in summary, the syslogs are not necessarily a problem but they should be investigated. But we probably need a bit more info to help.


Community Member

Re: Lost Failover Comm. w/mate

The interfaces are connected via the PIX failover cable. I haven't tried swapping out the cable yet. I assume it's a cross-over cable (is it?)

The traffic on int5 is the failover traffic and I had not issued a 'wr mem' prior to any of the log messages.

I'll try to scare up another cross-over cable and swap it out and see what happens.

Thanks for your help.


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Re: Lost Failover Comm. w/mate

I replaced the failover cable and now the interface shows as "normal" instead of "testing".

Hopefully that fixes it.



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