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Lots of CRC errors on PIX DMZ interface

I zeroed the stats on the DMZ interface and now, 40 minutes and 80 MB later I have 1057 CRC errors. This is unusually high compared to other interfaces. The DMZ interface is connected directly to a web server. The web server has two NICs so I tried to connect it to the other NIC, same result. I've tried setting the interface to auto-sensing or 100 Mbits full duplex (which it should be). Any ideas? Could the DMZ NIC be broken?

-- Rubio

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Re: Lots of CRC errors on PIX DMZ interface

Try replacing the cable first. If that doesn't help and you've matched the duplex and speed then you probably have a bad interface.

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Re: Lots of CRC errors on PIX DMZ interface

I've been working a lot of these throughout our network. It basically comes down to a 10/100 Speed and Full/Half Duplex mismatch.

Verify what the Server is set to. Properties of the NIC usualy show the running speed only. You'll have to dive down to the acutally configuration of the NIC. On my WInXP Box, I have to look at the "Media Type" of the NIC which is under the Advanced settings of the Card. Allowing a NIC to be auto doesn't always work, even when it says it matches the PIX.

After rebooting the server, verify the PIX is running the same speed/duplex.

The cable is always good to replace as well.

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