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MAC Filtering in Router

Router 1800 with ehternet connected to side Switch with four servers.Serial port connected to internet.Is it possible to allow traffic to servers with their MAC addresses than IP addresses.

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Re: MAC Filtering in Router

I have never tested or used it but:

Access lists 700-799 should be standard MAC address acl'

Access lists 1100-1199 should be extended MAC address acl's.

so you would end up with something like:

access-list 700 permit aaaa.aaaa.aaaa

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Re: MAC Filtering in Router


I've been trying to apply the mac filtering,still failed.

I created access list 700 specifying my mac of my PC.When i tried to apply in ethernet interface,it says "% Invalid access list name."

My router is 1841.

i check some docs@cisco, it says Mac filtering can be applied to G.Bit port or Sub-interface!

My purpose is to block the pcs in the Lan to connect to internet.


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Re: MAC Filtering in Router

I think the MAC access-lists on routers have somwething to do with bridge-groups.

I have never tried but the think mac access-lists in routers can only be applied to interfaces configured into a bridge-group.

u can check the command

(config-if)#bridge-group input-address-list 700



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Re: MAC Filtering in Router

any way, Will it serve my purpose?

I need to block the traffic by Mac address level by all the devices in the LAN side?


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