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Mac OS X Client connects - all works except MS Outlook

Sorry to ask a semi-microsoft based question. The Mac OS X 3.5 Client connects to a 3000 series concentrator. I can ping the e-mail server IP (from within the Mac OS Unix shell). But, MS Outlook cannot find the e-mail server if I use the DNS name or the IP address. Has anyone had much experience with a Macs, Cisco VPNs and Outlook? Thanks for any help.


Re: Mac OS X Client connects - all works except MS Outlook

are you able to telnet to the mail server on port 25

telnet x.x.x.x 25

If you are able to connect, then your smtp connection is fine

You might need to sniff the packets on the smtp subnet to see if the request is able to make it from the VPN client


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Re: Mac OS X Client connects - all works except MS Outlook

I was having the similar problems, too. The way I resolve this:

I found out that Mac does not "truly" understand Windows domain. So when you access the Exchange server from MS Outlook, it does not know where to go. You have to manually add a host reference to the IP address of the Exchange server.

To add a host reference, do this:

1. Open NetInfo Manager and unlock it (you need to be the admin user - usually that first user when you first set up your Mac X OS.

2. Select the machines directory in the second column.

3. Select the local directory in the third column and "copy" a new entry by pressing Cmd-D.

4. Rename the local copy to your Exchange name (the one listed when you do the Check Name button in Outlook setting)

5. Change the IP address to the *internal* IP of the Exchange server.

Now try it!! Good luck.

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