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Mac OS X VPN Client installer customization

The installer .DMG includes an installation package as well as two folders, Profiles and Resources. According to the docs, .PCF files placed in the Profiles folder and [properly named] images placed in the Resources folder should be aucomatically grabbed by the installation routine and installed. The same as they would be for the Windows installers.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work: I've tried with Panther & Jaguar; 4.8.x & 4.9.x; editing the contents of .DMG directly or extracting to a local folder; and adjusting permissions to full access for everyone. The installer simply ignores the contents of those folders.

If I manually import the .PCF and images they work fine. But I'm trying to create something a little more user friendly. Bad enough auto customizing .INI files isn't supported for OS X, but Profiles and Resources are at least supposed to work... no?

Anybody get this working? Ideas? Thanks!


Re: Mac OS X VPN Client installer customization

I managed to configure the pre-configured client for the mac. I downloaded vpnclient-darwin- from the Cisco website URL Installation went fine and also I configured the .pcf & .ini file and I'm able to distribute to other mac clients along with the software.

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Re: Mac OS X VPN Client installer customization

Have you tried it with one of the newer clients? 4.8 or 4.9? Are you also able to add Resources (images)?

You can customize a .INI file? The docs don't mention that -- more info please? Thanks!

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