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New Member

management-access command

Hi all,

I am a bit unclear as far as how this new 6.3 command works. How is it supposed to be used?

I have a working IPSec VPN already setup.

For example, I want to telnet from outside via the VPN to the PIX. Do I need this command? Or can this be done simply by entering the "telnet myipaddress mask outside" command on the PIX?

What about using PDM? Could I use a "pdm location" command to allow PDM access from outside via the VPN?

Finally, would I use the management-access inside or the management-access outside?

Thanks in advance

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Cisco Employee

Re: management-access command

The intention of this command is to permit users to manage the remote pix over a VPN tunnel by its inside IP address. So if you have a site to site VPN tunnel already established, enabling this command allows you to ping the inside ip address of the Pix as an example. You can also PDM, use SNMP, or use SSH to this inside interface over the tunnel. Prior to 6.3 this was not possible. Typically, the remote Pix has a dynamic address on the outside interface, making it hard to manage. This command helps with the overall management.

If the remote Pix has a static IP address on the outside interface, then you can use the outside commands for PDM, SSH, telnet as you mention above.

Hope this helps.

New Member

Re: management-access command

Thanks for the prompt answer.

I added the command but when I telnet to the inside IP address while connected from the outside using the VPN client, it responds that the PIX has actively refused the connection.

If I try PDM, I get a DNS error. Everything else is accessible with no DNS errors. PDM works fine from inside.

By the way, telnet is only allowed from the inside in my configuration. Would that be the problem?

I have a "no NAT" nat 0 access list for my VPN tunnel but that's it. Do I need to setup an additional permit access-list? Do I need to enable telnet from the outside? I thought that I could do anything via the VPN tunnel as if I was on the same network as inside.

Can anyone clear up my confusion?


New Member

Re: management-access command


> By the way, telnet is only allowed from the inside in my configuration. Would that be the problem?

Then I would try to add:

telnet outside

http outside

Where is the subnet used for remote VPN clients.


New Member

Re: management-access command

Thanks Yizhar. I will try that.

However, correct me if I am wrong but wasn't the whole purpose of the management-access command to allow telnet, PDM, SNMP, etc. from a VPN tunnel to the inside interface without having to configure each method individually via the outside interface? The documentation is very scarce on this new command. Would someone from Cisco please add more information on this command as well as configuration examples?

By the way, I just checked the syslog. It has the following:

Local4.Error %PIX-3-710003: TCP access denied by ACL from to inside:

Local4.Error %PIX-3-710003: TCP access denied by ACL from to inside:

I don't have any access-list that would deny that... unless of course, it's that bottom "invisible" access-list that says anything not permitted above, deny it.

I would conclude that one would need to add a permit access-list in conjunction with the management-access entry to make it work since after all, traffic comes from a lower security interface even though it's through the VPN tunnel.

Or, maybe my VPN is not configured properly?

Still confused. Help.

Thanks again.