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Management software for Cisco IDS 4235 Sensor


Does anyone knows wich software must i use to manage Cisco IDS 4235 Sensor ?

Is this software available for windows?

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Re: Management software for Cisco IDS 4235 Sensor

Several options are available:

If you have less than 3 sensors you can use the IDM (Intrusion Detection Device Manager) that is a web server included in the sensor itself to configure each sensor individually.

To connect to IDM simply open you web browser and type: https://

From within IDM you can then download IEV (Intrusion Detection Event Viewer) for viewing of the alarms. IEV can be installed on a windows NT or 2000 box, and can view alarms from up to 3 sensors.

Both IDM and IEV are packaged with the sensor at no additional cost to the user.

If you have more than 3 sensors, or want more advanced features then you can purchase one of 3 different enterprise level management tools for the IDS.

VMS 2.1 (VPN and Security Management Solution) contains the IDSMC (IDS Management Center) and SecMon (Security Monitoring Center). These are the latest and greatest tools for managing CIDS. Both IDSMC and SecMon are web based and can be installed on Windows 2000. IDS MC is for configuring multiple sensors, and SecMon is for viewing alarms from multiple sensors.

CSPM 2.3.3i (Cisco Secure Policy Manager). This is a windows based program for both managing sensors and viewing alarms. CSPM users are encouraged to upgrade to VMS2.1, so I don't think you can purchase it anymore.

Unix Director. This is an HP OpenView based IDS management tool that can be installed on Solaris and HP-UX. It doesn't fit your windows requirement.

So your choices would be to use IDM/IEV (inluded in sensor cost), or to use IDSMC/SecMon (purchased as part of VMS2.1)

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