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Managing PIX and ASA.

Hi there,

I'd like to know what's the best pratics to document the rules of the pix's and asa's. If using a excel file is one of the best way or if we can use some other application.

Nowadays, i'm using a file in excel format to document all the rules of my asa and pix.

Just let me know about it. I wanna improve the way that i'm managing my backbone.

Best Regards,

Adrinao Porcaro

Cisco CCNA

Cisco PIX Specialist

Community Member

Re: Managing PIX and ASA.

Hola Adriano

How you document depends a lot on how many firewalls you are managing. If it's just a few firewalls, a spreadsheet is probably good enough. You should find a way to keep different versions, so if you make a change, you can see the difference. If you're handy with linux, you can write some scripts to read the access lists and keep multiple versions.

If you have a lot of firewalls, then I suggest you look at products like Cisco security manager or Solsoft policy manager. they will allow you to create policies and push them to multiple firewalls at once. they have reporting tools so you can keep track of the various policies.


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