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Manual for PIX 506E?

Hi everyone! I just became in charge of a PIX 506E, which I have no experience with. I was not told how it was set up, what the password is, etc...Oh, and the dongle for the console connection is non-existent as well.

On Cisco's website, I can't find any manuals for it. The only documentation I could find was a quick setup guide, which is not helpful at all if it is already set up.

Basically, I am looking for any help anyone can provide so that I can get into the interface for the PIX 506E so I can see how things are set up and to change things in the future. Thank you in advance!


Re: Manual for PIX 506E?

This could be a long journey or a short one, but for sake to help you here we go..

When I say long journey it is because all depends on what type of resources you have at hand, at least you have us in netpro, but more specifically if you do not know the admin password for the PIX that is number one headache, you need password recovery procedure, please try to make an effort to obtain the password to not go through all these procedures, if you cannot then you need password recovery .

See password recovery.

Please have handy these tools

1- Console cable to connect to COM port in PC and PIX console port

2- Terminal emulator - hyperterminal

3- Mini hub to connect your PC and pix pysical interface to it

4- tftp server software running on your PC

Follow instructions on link.

As for instructions about the PIX there are hundreds of documentation in Cisco website, we can direct you to them but first you need to gain access to PIX.



New Member

Re: Manual for PIX 506E?

OK, I managed to gain access to the PIX. I used the "passwd" command to change the password, but I noticed that only changed the password to get into the PIX; the password to use the "enable" command is still the old one. How do I change that one?

Also, I am still not able to get to the PDM. If I have a laptop connected to the PIX with a static IP, and I try going to [that's the address I telnet to], it says it can't find the address. From the documentation I could find, that is the way to access the PDM, correct?

Also, is there a manual for the 506E? It's hard for me to imagine a multi-billion company like Cisco not having an easy way to download the manual[s] for their products.

Re: Manual for PIX 506E?

So do you have the enable password?

which prompt are you geting the > or #



the enable password is the one you need to get access to the pix, do you know in fact the pix inside interface IP is can you ping it? how are you accessing it by console cable or telnet?

it is possible http server is not enable in the firewall and that is why the web error.

I am sure there are manuals for the PIX but remember this is old model, you may inquary for a manual by contacting TAC technical support, but basicallt the manual you can find here in pdf format by looking carefully.

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Re: Manual for PIX 506E?

Attached is a link to documentation for configuring your pix. As you have a pix 506E you cannot run v7.x on this so it will very probably be a 6.x version.