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Manually start SVC (SSLVPN)

I'm running a Cisco 3005 at a customer site, and currently using the webvpn facility with sucess. I can turn on the SSL VPN client, but if I do so the default of the Cisco is to attempt to start the SSL VPN client straight away.

I would prefer a situation where the user logged in, was given the webvpn page by default, and then had an option to start the SSLVPN client if they needed it.

Is this possible on the Cisco. Is there a hidden URL which can be pointed to to allow the SSLVPN client to start if its enabled?




Re: Manually start SVC (SSLVPN)

URL filtering feature will fulfil your requirement. So, you can configure the url which you want to allow or restrict on the VPN 3005 device.

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Re: Manually start SVC (SSLVPN)

Thanks for your reply. I think I need a little more information for it to be usefull.

How does URL Filtering help? Where can I find the actual URL's for the SSL VPN client in the cisco docs. i haven't been able to find them so far. I need to be able to figure it out to block it.

And wouldn't filtering the URL's simply stop the SSLVPN client from running altogether. I can do that already through base group configuration.

What I want to achieve is present the user with the WebVPN initally and give them the option to start the SSL VPN client from that page via a static link if possible.

The Cisco devices just doesn't seem to have that flexibility.


Jason Matser.

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