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Many-to-One DNAT?

Hypothetical situation -

net routes to PIX 'outside' int

webserver on the 'inside' at

ACLs asside for the moment, is it possible to have any www traffic hitting the 'outside' interface forwarded towards

Without keying up 255 'alias' entries that is.

New Member

Re: Many-to-One DNAT?

static (inside,outside) tcp interface 80 80 netmask

should take care of your requirement

New Member

Re: Many-to-One DNAT?

Thanks for the quick reply but I think I miss-stated what I was going for. "any www traffic hitting the outside int" could have been put a bit more clearly.

Say the outside int ip is

Some arbitrary outside router directs to

I'd like to be on the 'outside' and point my browser to http:\\10.10.10.x and have the PIX automagically show me content on that inside host - where "x" is anything on the subnet.

The static suggestion would work fine but only if I was after http:\\

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Re: Many-to-One DNAT?

I believe you can only have a single one-to-one NAT for the internal web server.

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