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mapping to more than one host

Hi, on my pix 501, using static mapping i accessed one of our host remotely. Now we have two extra servers and i need to be able to access them from outside, how do i do that? Since the static has already mapped the public ip(of the pix) to a host in the internal network.

secondly, if the above is possible, what do i need to do on the pix to access one of the servers which runs a browser enabled program. Thank you.



Re: mapping to more than one host

What ports do they use? You can do port forwarding:

static(inside, outside) tcp interface 25 25 netmask

forwards tcp port 25 from the outside ip address to the tcp port 25 of host You could then

static(inside, outside) tcp interface 80 80 netmask

which forwards the http port to a different internal machine.If you need two machines running the same port though, then you will need more ip addresses.

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Re: mapping to more than one host

Thanks, i was able to configure the mapping and the other 2 servers worked, but the http did not work.

Internally we can access the server by typing, i want to be able to do this from a remote site (by typing http://pixpublicip/nameofpge, wright?). This didn't work. Any suggestions.

my config was: static (inside,outside) tcp pixpublicip 80 80 netmask with the neccessary access-list. http server is enabled(what does that do anyway).



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