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MARS (4.3) can't add IPS (6.0)

Hi All,

I'm trying to add IPS running version 6.0 to MARS running version 4.3 but with no success.

I'm getting the error message below:

***Error connecting to device.

Make sure MARS have access to the ids device on port <443>

Try using "telnet 443" on MARS CLI to check if the traffic is permitted.***

I had check the ACL on the IPS to permit access for MARS and added the MARS as trusted TLS IP-host as well but still getting the same error.

Kindly advice !!



New Member

Re: MARS (4.3) can't add IPS (6.0)

I got the same message when I upgraded. Though it still seems to be working even though the test connection failed.

New Member

Re: MARS (4.3) can't add IPS (6.0)

eventually we are hitting the following bug:

CSCsk03722 -Test Connectivity returning error.

Although you are getting an error on the test connectivity, the IPS sensor is still reachable via telnet and Mars can receive its events. ?


New Member

Re: MARS (4.3) can't add IPS (6.0)

Reference this posting:

A lot of people are having the same issue. I recommend running a real-time query on the reporting device to see if you are recieving events.

New Member

Re: MARS (4.3) can't add IPS (6.0)

Hi there,

you are absolutely true..

Actually I enabled the Sig ID 2000 & 2004 for ICMP request and Reply accordingly on IPS for testing purpose and I did a ping and amazingly I managed to get the reports on the MARS.

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