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MARS and ACS appliance

We are currently evaluating the MARS solution. We are also interested in migrating our current ACS deployment to the appliances to get away from very frequent windows related maintenance tasks. However, I have seen multiple times in my quick browsing of the ACS and MARS documentation that the appliance is not supported by MARS 4.x. Anyone know of when it might be supported, if it will ever be supported, etc.?


Re: MARS and ACS appliance

I think ACS 4.1 supports this appliance. But is this answered your question?. If not, state exactly what you are looking for. So that I can answer you more specifically.


Re: MARS and ACS appliance

What type of reporting are you looking for?

extraxi aaa-reports! works with both appliance and software versions. We have an https client (csvsync) that can pull ALL the various csv reports down from ACS. You cant do this with the ACS remote logging agent, or other reporting products.

Because we're all ex-ACS developers our reports are more detailed and focused than the "leading brands".

We support both RADIUS & TACACS+ protocols and are currently developing a new set of "policy intent" reports for SOX compliance.

You can get a free 60 day trial from

Apologies for the shameless self publicity.


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