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MARS backup

Hello all

Getting a MARS tuned, building reports,user rules, etc....takes a significant amount of time and effort.

So I was wondering, is there anyway to back up the MARS configuration?

And NO...I am NOT referring to the data from devices. We already have our devices logging to Kiwi separately.

Also, I am NOT referring to the entry of devices. We don't have that many so manually re-entering them wouldn't be that big a pain.

So, will doing an NFS archive back up the MARS OS/configuration as well as the logged data?

Does anyone know the anwser to this?

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Re: MARS backup

NFS archiving does a decent job backing up the config as well as the data. However, retoring the data is painful. Restoring the config is very simple and works well. Lookup in the docs on the pnrestore command.

Restoring data, depending on the size and amount of data you want to restore, takes a tremendous amount of time, and really has minimal configurable options. But as it is designed, it functions.

There are a few options for the pnrestore...

the pnrestore -m (Restoring mode. Enter 1 (default) to restore config only, 2 to restore both config and events, or 5 to restore config from local image.) gives you the option to restore config only or data as well.

Here is a sample of the pnrestore command:

pnrestore -m 1 -p nfs_server_ip:/nfs_export/pnarchive -t 06/03/03:0

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