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New Member

Maximum Connect Time - Help?

Can someone explain how the Maximum Connect Time restriction works on a VPN3005?

I thought that I read where it was a session limit over a 24-hour period. But, it appears to be a session limit for one session.

We would like to restrict users to 3 hours per day of connect time so they don't just sit on the VPN all day and use up a connection.

I have seen people get whacked after 3 hours, but they just turn around and re-connect for another 3 hours.

Thanks for any thoughts or explanations!

Cisco Employee

Re: Maximum Connect Time - Help?

It is the maximum time a user can be connected for one session. After they get disconnected, there is nothing stopping them reconnecting back in and staying in for another minutes.

There is currently nothing available in the 30xx series that limits a user for a certain time over a 24 hour period. Sorry.

New Member

Re: Maximum Connect Time - Help?

Thank you for confirming my suspicion....

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