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Maximum Gig interfaces in PIX 535?

Hi All,

Any idea on the maximum number of Gig interfaces in PIX 535? I have a PIX 535 with VAC+ card; it came with 3 built-in gig interfaces, I ordered 2 additional 1-GE cards but I can't find any place to place them in the appliance since the size of the interface modules is bigger than the available empty slots in the PIX!! Any idea?




Re: Maximum Gig interfaces in PIX 535?


Here's the info you want:

The pix as 3 bus, 2 66 Mhz bus and 1 33 Mhz bus.

Each 66 Mhz bus as two slot : total = 4

The 33 Mhz bus as five slot.

Your VAC+ card and your 3 GE card on your pix must be using all 4 66 Mhz slot. If you want to have another card, you must use a(33Mhz) PIX-1GE, not the PIX-1GE-66.

Here's a link to the pix interface

Re: Maximum Gig interfaces in PIX 535?

hi .. please see below.

The Cisco PIX 535 Firewall is the ultimate enterprise firewall designed for enterprise

networks and service providers. The PIX 535 is rack-mountable and fits a 3U configuration.

It has a 1-GHz processor, up to 1 GB of RAM, and 16 MB of Flash memory. It has nine PCI

slots for the installation of up to ten Ethernet interfaces.

The PIX 535 can also be configured with a VAC or VAC+. The VAC and VAC+ handle much

of the VPN traffic processing (encryption and decryption), thus improving the firewall’s

performance. The VAC and VAC+ are recommended for firewalls that connect multiple hightraffic


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