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Microsoft Office Communicator file transfer over VPN

I'm asking the following under the assumption that there must be more folks out there that have deployed Microsoft Live Communications Server and also use Cisco VPN??

I have the following issue with our VPN clients. Using VPN Client 4.7 under Windows XP (have also tested 4.8 and 5.0) and establishing IPSec tunnels to 3000 series concentrators.

If a local LAN user transfers a file to a VPN remote user within Microsoft Office Communicator, the transfer works. This is a peer-to-peer connection.

If, however, the VPN user initiates the transfers a file to a LAN user, the transfer fails. A trace dump of the connections indicate that the initial connection being routed over the VPN. When the data transfer begins however, it is routed out of the VPN tunnel via the ends users ISP, and therefor fails.

Microsoft as part their diagnostics carried out a test using their VPN and the file transfer both ways was successful.

This would indicate an issue with Microsoft Office Communicator and the way Cisco VPN uses the virtual adapter.

I've had a look through TAC without any hits whatsoever!

Can anyone shine some light please?


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Re: Microsoft Office Communicator file transfer over VPN

Were you able to figure out the problem with communicator over VPN? I'm seeing a similar problem but it seems to have become worse when I moved from the 3000 series concentrators to the Cisco ASA 5520.



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