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migration from IDSM to Sensor


I have to backup a system, where Sensors an Blades are working. I want to know, if one of my Blades fails, can i migrate the configuration to a bakup Network Sensor? I guess, it's not a problem, but I want to be sure!


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Re: migration from IDSM to Sensor

It depends on your management platform.

All of them should work fine if you replace a module with another module configured with the same identification information, or replace an appliance with another appliance with the same id info.

But replacing an module with an appliance gets a little bit tricky because their are some differences in their configurations.

If you are using CSPM then the signature configuration can be applied to any number of sensors/IDSMs.

CSPM will let you designate the sensor type/version in a selectable field. So you may be able to run sysconfig-sensor on the appliance and give it the same entries as the IDSM. Then in CSPM select a sensor appliance version instead of a IDSM version, and most of your configuration should work just fine. You would need to go through the screans and see what needs to be updated or was removed in changing it from a module to an appliance.

I haven't specifically tried to this, but I theorize that it may just work.

As for the Unix Director, it is a little bit pickier on the sensor type. I am not sure if it will work with Unix Director.

I haven't tried IDS MC, and I am not sure how it distinguishes between modules and appliances.

You can manually do some of this yourself by running sysconfig-sensor to setup the initial identification information to match the blade that stopped working. Then manually put copies of the blades configurations into the etc directory of the appliance. When you start up you can check the error files and see which configuration entries that the appliance rejects because they are module supported only.

PS. With the new Version 4.0 software on the appliances and the new IDSM2, there is much less of a problem. They run almost the exact same configuration with one exception that I can think of off hand. There is a small difference in how time is configured. (The appliance can uses it's internal clock to keep time or use NTP, but the module has to use the switch to keep time or use NTP).

NOTE: The older IDSM1 does not support V4.0.

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Re: migration from IDSM to Sensor

Thank you!

Unfotunately , I've to use IDS MC and IDS Softver version 3.x! Anyone has experience whit this management softwer on this manner?

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