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Missing CD in the IDS-SW-K9-UPE

I have received the IDS-SW-K9-UPE part number. Contained in the kit are 4 CDs

1. Version 3.1 (3)S31 upgrade and recovery disk for 42xx

2. Version 3.1 (3)S31 upgrade and recovery disk for NRS-xx

3. Version 4.1 (1)S47 upgrade and recovery disk for 42xx

4. Cisco Threat Response

I read in the release notes for the service pack-4.1(3) that version 3.x and earlier sensors must first be upgraded to 4.0(1) and then to 4.1(1)S47 before applying the 4.1(3) service pack

Where do we get the version 4.0 (1) upgrade and recovery CD from or don’t I need that?

Cisco Employee

Re: Missing CD in the IDS-SW-K9-UPE

4.1 was delivered using 2 methods:

1) As an upgrade file that could be downloaded off CCO. The upgrade file requires that 4.0 already be installed on the sensor.

2) As a CD. To use the CD you just boot to the CD and it will re-image the entire drive. Since the disk is reformated there is no requirement to have 4.0 installed.

Since you have the 4.1 CD you can directly install 4.1 from CD.

Once 4.1 CD has been used, then upgrade to the 4.1(3) service pack and follow that with the latest signature update.

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