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Monitor a PIX on linux


I am trying to get some tips on how to best monitor what is going on (traffic-wise) on my PIX.

I have set up a syslogd on my NMS (running debian linux) and currently the PIX logs are being sent to the NMS.

1. Is there any linux based program anyone can recommend to parse these logfiles into user interesting data? I have used fwanalog, but it only apears to analyse the blocked traffic/packets (and not too well at that) whereas I am interested in getting an idea of the overall traffic.

2. Is there any other way to get information from the PIX about the traffic wich passes other than the syslog entries? I have found that netflow will not be possible since a PIX does not run Cisco IOS, but rather an OS called Finesse. Are there alternatives?

In the end what I am looking for is a link where I can find some help or a tutorial on how to get some manageable information about the traffic traversing my PIX.

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Re: Monitor a PIX on linux

We have the same "problem", we also log all NAT-sessions in our PIX 525, but we have solved with Ntop on a SPAN port in our vlan switch connected to our PIX. That way you can sniff on all the traffic to/from the PIX and make nice stats :)



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