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Monitoring VPN accelator card

We have a Cisco 7140-2FE router with one VPN accelator card. We'd like to monitor this card using the following command:

router#sh crypto engine accelerator statistic [cardID]

However when typing this command no result is returned. Does anyone have a clue what the reason ca be?

IOS version: Version 12.2(11)T8

The card is working properly:

router#sh crypto engine bri

crypto engine name: Unknown

crypto engine type: hardware

CryptIC Version: 0xFF41

CGX Version: 0x0111

DSP firmware version: 0x0065

MIPS firmware version: 0x03062700

ISA/ISM serial number: ###

PCDB info: ###

Compression: No

3 DES: Yes

Maximum buffer length: 4096

Maximum DH index: 1014

Maximum SA index: 2029

Maximum Flow index: 4059

Maximum RSA key size: 2048

crypto engine in slot: 4

crypto engine name: unknown

crypto engine type: software

serial number: ###

crypto engine state: installed

crypto engine in slot: N/A

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Re: Monitoring VPN accelator card

Hi, if I remembered correctly, the "sh crypto eng acc stat" command only works for AIM modules for the 26xx/36xx/37xx routers. I had not learnt the command that shows the same information for ISA/ISM modules in the 7100/7200 series router yet.

If anybody knows how to get ISA/ISM statistics, please advise.


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Re: Monitoring VPN accelator card

we have learned in the meantime from Cisco to use the following command set on 71xx routers having a VPN accelator card installed:

sh pas isa ?

controller show controller

interface show interface

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