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MPLS/DiffServ WAN design

I'm working on the conceptual design for an IP overlay onto a wireless WAN. We have a setup with SPIKE point-to-multipoint CPE links (layer 2 switching over a wireless interface) connecting into an SDH microwave ring. It's easy enough to run MPLS on cisco 3662s for the backbone nodes, but what does one do onto the CPE? for cost reasons the CPE router has to be a low-end model, preferably 1700 or something even cheaper. Unfortunately the SPIKE unit presents an ethernet interface to the do I implement end-to-end bandwidth management? I can envisage diffserv applying to the CPE -- Edge router, but how does that effectively map onto an MPLS backbone? and with an ethernet interface, I can't throttle the user's output at his own router, but run the risk of him bursting up to 10mbps transmission before being throttled from the remote end...does anybody understand what I'm getting at, or am I talking drivel here?

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Re: MPLS/DiffServ WAN design

I’d suggest getting your Cisco design team involved in this complex installation. This is too hard to plan in this forum.

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