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MS Outlook Email through PIX VPN

Hi ,

I'm trying to setup access to our internal email server through a Pix VPn tunnel for remote users. Our VPN is configured for Radius authentication and also downloadable access-lists are then applied to the user logging in. The users are able to hit the Exchange server and while configuring the email profile , it will do so with the IP address and also resolve the name . I think it uses the DNS server for this.But after that I keep connecting the message that the station is unable to contact the Exchange server. I thought it could be because of WINS so I added the VPNGROUP WINS-Server parameter and also addedd ACL entries for ports 135-139 TCP/UDP for the WINS server. After this though I think the client is still using DNS.

I would appreciate some help in configuring Exchange Email access through a PIX VPN .



Walter Reed Army Institute.

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Re: MS Outlook Email through PIX VPN

I would start by taking off the downloadable access lists and opening it up so that you can verify that it is not the access-lists causing the problems.

That at least might tell you what it isn't...

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Re: MS Outlook Email through PIX VPN

Make sure you have high TCP ports open. Go to TechNet and do a search on Static Port Mapping on Exchange to see how it uses ports when talking to a client.

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