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Multicast Routing in pix 7.0.x

I have a pix running 7.0.2 and multicast routing.

When I configure only one RP, all things go fine. Indeed, all suscribers see the mroutes as well as pix.

So, if I configure several rp for several multicast group, nothing is working. Pix can not see any rp and mroute, nothing.

My configuration is the following one:

multicas-routing (obviously)

interface eht0

name ext

ip address


interface eth1

name int

ip address


access-list group1 standard permit

access-list group2 standard permit

pim rp-address group1

pim rp-address group2

There is connectivity with both rp.

Pix is not working multicast routing with this configuration.

Pix can not see rp and multicast groups ....

Indeed, if I only put one rp it works.

I upgraded to PIX7.0.4 and nothing was better.

Any help ?????

Best regards



Re: Multicast Routing in pix 7.0.x

The PIX Firewall does not pass multicast packets, even though many routing protocols use multicast packets to transmit their data. Cisco considers it inherently dangerous to send routing protocols across the PIX Firewall. If the routes on the unprotected interface are corrupted, the routes transmitted to the protected side of the firewall pollute routers there as well.

For more info refer to the following url:

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