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Multiple dynamic VPN Connections on a pix ?


is it possible to have different multiple dynamic VPN connections on a pix?

I think of a dynamic VPN connection with a vpn-group, connected from

cisco VPN Client 3.6.3 and dynamic VPN connections with preshared keys

from different locations with cisco 836 routers.

Thank you in advance

M. Koenig

Cisco Employee

Re: Multiple dynamic VPN Connections on a pix ?


You could configure the PIX as an EZVPN server and the Cisco 836 routers as EZVPN clients. This way you could configure vpn groups for each of your locations.

The configuration on the routers is described in this sample config:

On the PIX you would have to configure the vpn groups



New Member

Re: Multiple dynamic VPN Connections on a pix ?

Hello Ranjana,

I tryed this because I thought that this wold be a good way -

but there are some other VPN configurations on the pix - and it wouldn' t work together !

Got the message:

# vpnclient enable

WARNING: Required configuration for PIX Easy VPN Remote not complete. Enabling PIX Easy VPN Remote failed.

ffmcif1(config)# vpnclient vpngroup test password test

ffmcif1(config)# vpnclient server

ffmcif1(config)# vpnclient mode network

ffmcif1(config)# vpnclient enable

* Remove "nat (inside) 0 no_nat"

* Detach crypto map attached to interface outside

* Remove manually configured ISA policies

CONFIG CLASH: Configuration that would prevent successful PIX Easy VPN Remote

operation has been detected, and is listed above. Please resolve the

above configuration clashes and re-enable.

Than you for your reply !

M. König

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