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Multiple Hardware VPN Clients (ASA 5505) connecting to ASA5520

I'm trying to set up multiple one person remote offices using the ASA5505 as a Hardware VPN client but I'm getting some mixed results.

First off, let me describe my network- I'm running out of IP addresses at the office network ( so I'm putting all the remote users (Hardware VPN client and software VPN client) on their own network ( and routing it to my network through the ASA 5520. I have one interface on the ASA with a address and another interface The setup works fine with one Hardware VPN client connected but when I connect another one, they both drop packets erraticly.

I have one Hardware VPN client with address and it assigns an address to a computer and I hardcode an IP address ( to an IP phone. I've got the other Hardware VPN Client as and it assigns a computer an address

When I'm trying to ping the computer and the IP phone ( from the office, I can see packets are being dropped and some ping responses received fine.

I'm using both of these devices in NEM so I can connect to the computers at the remote sites.

Do I have this setup correctly?



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