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Multiple NAT pools for multiple networks

Hi All

I have a design for a client which involves 5 interfaces on a Cisco 2600 using the IP Firewall IOS. 2 are ISP connections E1 and E2, one is an DMZ E3 and two are internal networks E4 and E5.

E4 uses E2 to access the internet.

E5 and E3 use E1 to access the internet and in E3's case for the internet to access its servers.

Can I define multiple NAT pools so that E4 uses a pool which the ISP for E2 has provided and likewise for E1 and E5?

Any thoughts appreciated. I also have a subnet allocated to me in totality. One end is for ISP's device with subnet zero ip address used as their interface with the 240 mask on it. I thought the best thing was to put a 248 mask on the end of the range so I have 8 contigous devices for the DMZ and then use two blocks of four for the NAT overloading and our end of the router.

So if I had /28 where is the ISP router and /30 is our end. DMZ is going to be /29. IP NAT pool is going to be /30.

Thanks for any advice. Can't seem to find anything on the setup of multiple pools for seperate interfaces on a single router.

Kind regards


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Re: Multiple NAT pools for multiple networks

Hi all

After much searching i seem to have tracked down the answer on Ciscos website. It appears I can do this by using route maps on the nat pool.


ps TAC kept hanging up the phone today (4 times). Is this a new Cisco support option? Scott Adams and dogberts helpline seem eerily close to the truth:)

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