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multiple subnets coming into pix

I have a router that has 3 non-contiguous class C networks being routed to it and a Pix behind it. The Pix must have static translations that have public addresses that fall into each of the subnets. Since I can only have 1 address on the Pix outside interface, and I need to have external statics that fall into all three subnets, can I simply put an IP and 2 secondarys on the router's Ethernet interface and do the statics on the Pix as I would normally, even though the external static addresses aren't in the same subnet as the Pix's external interface?

New Member

Re: multiple subnets coming into pix

yes, the pix does not require its outside interface to be in the same subnets as static addresses it is translating. same for inside and dmz interfaces. you dont need the secondary addresses on the router, just add static route entries in the router pointing to the pix outside address.

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