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Multiple users viewing one Director

We have a need for multiple users to view the Director interface for support/monitoring purposes. Web interface and XWindows do not provide full functionality for deleting or hiding icons as they are reviewed. Anyone using any other product?

Cisco Employee

Re: Multiple users viewing one Director

In HP OpenView there is the ability to create multiple maps.

This comes in very handy when different users are in charge of different sensors.

You can create a seperate map for each user needing access to the IDS information. When the map is created, delete all sensors from the map which that user will not be in charge of monitoring. And delete that users sensors from the default map, so that the sensors only exist in the map of the user which is in charge of tracking those sensors.

Now when the user opens his map, he will have both Read and Write access to his map, and can delete the alarms from his map, while other users have the same Read and Write capabilites on their own maps.

This helps to alleviate the biggest problem in OV where only one user had Read and Write capability on the map, because now a different user can have Read and Write capability on each different map.

For information in the User's Guide refer to:

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