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Multiple VPN clients

I recently installed a PIX 515 for security - gave the cisco vpn client to one of our software vendors for support access - They have decided to buy their own firewall - Watchguard, they have reported that the clients are incompatible - what are the suggested work-arounds?

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Re: Multiple VPN clients

You make it sound like they are loading the Cisco and Watchguard clients at the same time. Why if they are behind the watchguard firewall would they have the Watchguard vpn client loaded? Is this realy the situation?

If they really need to have the watchguard client on their machines, you could make a connection firewall to firewall. Just keep a tight access list.

Here's a page for connecting various firewalls to watchguard.

Good luck!!

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Re: Multiple VPN clients

Yes - the main tech uses a portable - he needs to be able to access his own network from home and his support people have computers at home that need to access their own network and mine on off hours,(same as me) - But for future looking - they support a lot of different customers, I am just the first to throw up a firewall -

I did look into using the firewall to firewall solution they could vpn into their network then connect to mine - but thought I should check on what other people are doing -

Thank you for your thoughts

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