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Multiple VPN dialer interfaces with IOS 12.3-1a

I've got a 3640 router with 2 dialer interfaces configured with PPP to fire up an ADSL modem (each interface has it's own modem, so 2 in total). Everything was working perfectly until I upgraded the IOS from 12.2 to 12.3-1a. Now the router will only bring up the second dialer but won't even try to fire up the first one. When 12.2 was put back on, the router worked fine again. What is in 12.3-1a that's causing this and how do I work around it?

Thank you for any advice you can offer,

Dave Reader


Re: Multiple VPN dialer interfaces with IOS 12.3-1a

If you have ATM running, bug CSCin44280 is probably what you are running into. As per the bug, PPPoA sessions do not come up with cef or pxf enabled when the vc-class is configured when the interface is shut. The work around is to save the configuration and reload the router or to reconfigure the vc-class and vc when the interface is not shut.

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Re: Multiple VPN dialer interfaces with IOS 12.3-1a

Thanks, but the router is Ethernet ATM.

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