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Multiple VPN support

I have a scenario whereby I'm using a router based VPN to terminate my site-to-site tunnels and my T1 connection.

I have a 3rd party partnernet that I need to connect to, and they have provided me with their own hardware to connect. I would like to continue to use my current T1 circuit, but I have a problem conceptualizing how this would work.

Essentially, I need to have a VPN router pass-through other VPN traffic that it was not intended to receive. I don't want to have an access-list or lack thereof block my traffic that was intended to be 'passed through' to my other VPN device.

Any ideas?


New Member

Re: Multiple VPN support

If I have understood you correctly, you need to establish a VPN tunnel to two remote sites, using two seperate devices, but on the same T1. Are you planning on using the devices in-line? The access list used by the crypto map statement (using the 'match address access-list-id' command) specifies what traffic should be encrypted/decrypted. Therefore even though encrypted traffic coming in might not meet the permit statement of the ACL on the first router, it will be passed through as such to the next router in line. I guess, this should work for you.

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