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NAC 3310 Doesn't Recognize Keyboard (KVM)

I'd like to know if anyone has seen this with a 3310 NAC appliance (HP Proliant). It doesn't apply to the 3350 appliance.

I know there are two ways to load software into a NAC appliance, use an external machine or a KVM setup.

We have noticed that when loading 4.1.2 software the 3310 doesn't recognize the KVM setup. We tried the same setup with a 3350 and everything worked.

The setup fails at the point where we encounter a blue screen entitled,

"Welcome to Cisco Clean Access

Package Group Selection:

CCA Manager

CCA Server"

As a bit of background the keyboard has to work to get to this point. Though it is at this screen that the KVM ceases functioning.

Any ideas?

All comments will be rated.

Thanks in advance.



Re: NAC 3310 Doesn't Recognize Keyboard (KVM)

Problem solved. I re-read the Installation Guide and found this:

"Important Installation Notes for NAC-3310

When following the CD-ROM system software installation procedures above and installing release 4.0(x) on a NAC-3310 appliance (both MANAGER and SERVER) from a CD-ROM, you are presented with the following prompt during the installation process:

Cisco Clean Access 4.1-1 Installer (C) 2007 Cisco Systems, Inc.

Welcome to the Cisco Clean Access 4.1-1 Installer!

- To install a Cisco Clean Access device, press the key.

- To install a Cisco Clean Access device over a serial console, enter serial at the boot prompt and press the key.


The standard procedure asks you to press “Enter” or, if installing via serial console connection, enter serial at the boot: prompt, For release 4.0(x), however, NAC-3310 customers are required enter one of the following, instead:

•DL140-if you are directly connected (monitor, keyboard, and mouse) to the NAC-3310

•serial_DL140-if you are installing the software via serial console connection

After you enter either of these commands, the Package Group Selection screen appears where you can then specify whether you are setting up a Clean Access Manager or Clean Access Server and install the system software following the standard installation process."

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