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NAC 4.1.3 with 3140 appliance


I have installed NAC4.1.3 in Cisco Clean access 3140 Appliance, after successful installation , For OOB i have configured the same ip for trusted and trusted, after that from CAS I am able to ping gateway that is vlan int ip in the switch. But i couldn't ping any of the ip in the same VLAN. for testing we hv connected two laptops in the same vlan, both laptops able to ping each other and the gateway. From the laptop CAS is not pinging and from CAS laptop is not pinging.

we have connected only the trusted interface with the switch.

if i have given different ip address with different subnet for trusted and untrusted in the CAS I am able to ping the CAS and the Laptop each other. My requirement is with same ip for tursted and untrusted it should work. can any one help us in this

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