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NAC Agent Customization Distribution

Looks like the NAC agent customizations can be done only when the client PC pulls

the install from the CAM. Our PCs do not have admin rights and the software will be pushed through a software

distribution tool. Is there any way to distribute the software with the customization file , just like there is an option

to install with the agent configuration file?



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Re: NAC Agent Customization Distribution

Hi Shaffel,

You cannot include the branding files on the MSI installation package of the Agent.

I have not much experience with the centralized client management tools, but you could try a workaround by pushing those files to the client at the appropriate location and then restart the Agent.

The files to be pushed are the ones you prepared on the branding file to be uploaded to the CAM.

The location of the files is documented at this page:


In  a system that has NAC Agent installed, you can find the "nac_login.xml"  file in the "C:\Program Files\Cisco\Cisco NAC Agent\UI\nac_divs\login"  directory.

The "nacStrings_xx.xml" file is available in the  supported location. The "xx" indicates the locale. In the system that  has NAC Agent installed, you can find a complete list of the files in  the "C:\Program Files\Cisco\Cisco NAC Agent\UI\cues_utility" directory.

The  files are available in the directories mentioned above when the Agent  is installed at the default location. If the Agent is installed at a  different location, then the files would be available at "\Cisco\Cisco NAC Agent\UI\nac_divs\login" and  "\Cisco\Cisco NAC Agent\cues_utility".

I hope this helps.



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