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Nac and Virusscan 7.1


I'm trying to configure external policy for my NAC.I'm using CTA 2.0 + virusscan 7.1 and ACS 3.3. I have 3 questions:

- Could the ePolicy orchestrator server 3.0 act as the external server?

- If yes what does the right URL that have to be enter on the ACS to make it able to forward credentials looks like?

- Is there any additional configuration that have to be made on the ePolicy server?

It would be nice that you provide me with some links on which I can find related resources.


Re: Nac and Virusscan 7.1

NAC rules are used in the NAC exception policy to specify hosts that are to be exempted from the NAC validation process. They are also used to define the hosts or networks for admission control.

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Re: Nac and Virusscan 7.1

Thanks, but my concern is not related to NAC exception policy. It is NAC external policy. It consist in the validation of the credential of a host by the antivirus server.I'm using epolicy orchestrator 3.5 as my antivirus server, and I would be gratefull if someone told me how to configure the epolicy server for the NAC or gave me internet links which could be helpful.

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