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NAC HW Check- 32bit vs 64bit

Good evening - We are running NAC 4.7.1 and are preparing to roll-out an OOB deployment to manage our Catalyst switch ports for our wired workstations. We have our rules set up and working to check for Mac OSx, Windows-All, or Linux, and the associated role-requirements for each.Our question is: can you have a logical expression in a requirement to check the hardware platform for Windows?

We are starting to deploy WinXP and Win7 on 64-bit systems, but our requirements need to be modified to reflect the current 6 rules if it's a WinXP 32-bit vs the 3 rules that we can have if it's a WinXP -> If WinXP 32-bit check rules 1,2,3,4,5,6 but if it's WinXP 64-bit check rules 1,2,3 only. The rule differences are because the specific rule-based checks are for software and not all of our software is available for 64-bit platforms

There is a 'canned' registry check for the hardware platform type, but how does the logic flow?


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