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NAC in static IP environment

I've read other similar questions about implementing a Cisco NAC Appliance in an environment where each PC needs to have a static IP, but none of the other threads seemed to provide enough clarity on why this may or may not be a good idea.

I am exploring the possibility of implementing a NAC, but the entire network is currently configured with each client PC having a static IP address. I do not believe there is a DHCP server anywhere on the network, and I would need to keep it that way.

That said, I am wondering what sort of implementation modes for the NAC Appliance this limits me to... If someone could please provide some clarity on whether or not a NAC would work properly in this environment using the following modes (and if not, what modes would I need to use), I would be very grateful.

Desired deployment for the NAC: OOB, Virtual Gateway, Layer 2 adjacent

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Re: NAC in static IP environment


L2 OOB VGW would work for you with the caveat that you will have to have a separate Access VLAN for each Auth VLAN.

So assume you have VLAN 100 as unauthenticated, and VLAN 10 as Access. Your clients are 192.168.10.x. You would assign your clients IPs in that range, and using the SNMP switch the switchport to VLAN 100 when a client comes up. When he's authenticated, you would move the VLAN to 10 without bouncing the port, and theoratically it should work.



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