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NAC Load Balancing

Hi there,

I know this question was asked before by someone else and is still un-answered. Has anyone done NAC Load Balancing? Any link on the best practice? I am doing OOB-L3-Real IP.

Let me clarify the question.

The highest end NAS (3350) can support only 3500 users. Now what happens if I have 10000 users?

One way which is obvious is to split the users to different groups each containing 3500 users and forward each group to one NAS. This is very primitive and bad way of doing it. I want an smarter way. Not sure if CSS or ACE are designed for this purpose, but if that is the only way I will be willing to look at this. I do not want to invent the wheel if someone already has done this and can share his experience.



Cisco Employee

Re: NAC Load Balancing

Sure - we definitely have customers who have done exactly what you've described.

They have used CSS and ACE devices to achieve the scalability higher than this as well.

One of the customers I speak of is part of the Chalk Talk Series below:

Lastly, if you contact your Security focused Consulting Systems Engineer, they can share with you a guide on how this has been implemented before with sample configs for the CSS and ACE.


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Re: NAC Load Balancing

Hi Peter,

Will do. Thanks for providing the link and info.


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