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After reviewing some of the Cisco documentation on integrating WLC with NAC, requiring the WLC to be L2 adjacent to the CAS, I am assuming that the WLC can not be configured to use LAG on the 4400 seies WLC, a specific port on the WLC must be assigned to the quarantine VLAN. Does any one have clarification on this the WLC are run code version 5.1.151 the NAC CAM/CAS is 4.5.

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Re: NAC OBB WLC 4400

If you plan to implement LAG, you should not connect the wireless LAN controller ports to different switches because LAG bundles all of the controller's distribution system ports into a single 802.3ad port channel (thereby reducing the number of IP addresses needed to configure the ports on your controller). When you enable LAG, you can configure only one AP-manager interface because only one logical port is needed. LAG removes the requirement to support multiple AP-manager interfaces.

Cisco 4400 series controllers support LAG in software release 3.2 and higher, and LAG is enabled automatically on the controllers within the Cisco WiSM and the Catalyst 3750G Integrated Wireless LAN Controller Switch. With LAG enabled, a 4402 controller's logical port supports up to 50 access points, a 4404 controller's logical port supports up to 100 access points, and the logical port on each Cisco WiSM controller supports up to 150 access points.

Without LAG, each distribution system port on the controller supports up to 48 access points.

If you want to connect controller ports to different switches, LAG must be disabled, and you must configure one (1) AP Manager Interface for each WLC distribution port.

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Re: NAC OBB WLC 4400

You can configure your WLC as LAG if you wish, you just need to make sure you remember to trunk over your "untrusted NAC vlan" to your WLC.

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