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NAC OOB & Desktops with redundant/failover NICs

Can anyone tell me if NAC is capable of handling desktops that have multiple NICs configured for failover or even just set up as a team (i.e. a single ip address). Can it handle placing all of the correct switch ports in to the right vlan once the user is authenticated or are we just asking a little too much of the NAC devices?

Thanks for any help.


Re: NAC OOB & Desktops with redundant/failover NICs

NAc will not be able to handle desktop with multiple NIC's.

Change VLAN according to global device filter list (device must be in list). When set, the VLAN of the port will be assigned by global device filter settings (ALLOW=Default Access VLAN, DENY=Auth VLAN, ROLE/CHECK=User Role VLAN, IGNORE=ignore SNMP traps from managed switches (IP Phones)).

If above option is enabled, thenl look at the filter table to decide what role user is and then move user to the vlan assigned for

that User Role:

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Re: NAC OOB & Desktops with redundant/failover NICs

Thanks for the response. Looks like the NAC appliance is a little short of being 'the' solution in a few ways especially when run in OOB mode.

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