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NAC - Slow download of Certification Requirements

We originally posted files (Antivirus, Patches, SPs) in the requirements section but when files got too big it was not feasible.

So we developed a web server solely to serve the certification zip files for students to meet the requirements.

After they authenticate to the agent, they are IN-BAND in the TEMPORARY Role. At this point they try and download the cert file from a link off the agent and it is so slow that IE/Firefox acts like it is Not Responding.

If I open up the Role Filters to give access to that same webserver in the UNAUTHENTICATED Role (before they login to the agent) the file downloads fine.

We are in testing phase so we do not have many users hitting the system.

Why is this so slow? How else could we serve the files while the students are logged into the agent?

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Re: NAC - Slow download of Certification Requirements

Was able to narrow this down further.

Given a requirement for Vista SP1, if the Requirement is a link directly to the file, it will fail (or download at 2k/sec):


If the requirement is a link to an HTML file that contains the same link above, the user downloads the HTML file to the desktop, clicks on the link and it will succeed and download normally.

ODD!! Any ideas?

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