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NAT Redirection?

I am trying to figure out how to use NAT Redirection (that's what it's called on Linksys routers) on a Cisco 806.

I need for my inside host to be able to access my inside servers using the OUTSIDE address.

For instance, from my PC at I need to be able to hit my server which is at by using my external IP of 68.x.95.x (all required ports are forwarded to and work just fine).

On the Linksys it is called NAT redirection but I can't seem to find anything explaining how to do it on a Cisco.


Re: NAT Redirection?


I believe you can do this with a feature called NAT-on-a-stick. I don't have access to my lab gear at this time to test but I can see it working. You may need a config like the one below.

int lo0

ip add

ip nat outside

int e0

ip add

ip nat inside

ip policy route-map TEST

route-map TEST permit 10

match ip add 150

set int lo0

access-list 150 permit ip host host

ip nat inside source static host

Let me know if it helped.

Here's a CCO link that you can read to familiarize yourself with NAT-on-a-stick



New Member

Re: NAT Redirection?


I tried the above, still no joy. Maybe you can simulate in the lab.

I have read over the CCO link but I am just not getting it.

I appreciate your help.

Re: NAT Redirection?


I realize the problem is the return traffic from the server to the client. The server would try to connect to the client using it's inside local address as the source IP and the client wouldn't accept it as it would be expecting the response from the server's global address.

Why is it the client need to connect to the server using the global IP instead of the local address?


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