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NAT / Routing on PIX 515

I have a 2620 connected to 2 ISPs on the outside of my pix - i have 10 users that must be static NAT to point to one ISP and the rest will be NAT from a pool pointing to the other ISP. I would like to keep the outside interface of the PIX a private IP. I am leaning towards creating a route-map with ACL to direct the traffic accordingly.

Should I NAT on the PIX or router or both?

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Re: NAT / Routing on PIX 515

Hmm, difficult to say, you could do it on either, and it's probably much of a muchness which way you end up doing it. I'd probably do it on the router since you have a private IP address on the PIX. On the router you'd just do (assuming your inside network is

ip nat inside source static


ip nat inside source static

ip nat pool ippool prefix-length 24

ip nat inside source list 100 pool ippool overload

access-list 100 permit ip any

and then on the PIX just do:

static (inside,outside) netmask

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Re: NAT / Routing on PIX 515

Thanks for the reply, but what is the need for the static on the PIX?

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