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Nat to Static on outside not workin

I'm trying to set up my PIX so that the traffic from the inside goes to the outside interface(being Pnat'd in the process) then connects to a statically mapped outside IP to a DMZ internal IP.

Like, network) -> pat address) outside) -> internal address)

I can't seem to access from If I put my laptop into I can access fine(all my access list rules in the outside interface seem to be working fine)

I know this seems weird since normally you would just let the ASA do it's thing and make global address's in the dmz, but for our networking needs we need setup the traffic like I purposed.

Any help would be grately appreciated.


Re: Nat to Static on outside not workin

Hi Chris -

Have got any syslog messages that you can provide when you try to build a connections from to please.

For logging do:

logging on

logging buffer debug

Try a connection, then do command 'sh logg' and post the results please.

Thanks - Jay.

New Member

Re: Nat to Static on outside not workin

I have same problem, logging to syslog logg trap debug shows NOTHING !!!!



Re: Nat to Static on outside not workin

I don't think that will work - traffic won't go from the inside, to the outside, and then to the DMZ. Traffic cannot leave and reenter the pix outside interface.

You probably need to have the inside clients more directly access the DMZ

New Member

Re: Nat to Static on outside not workin

In my limited learning experience, you do seem to be able to bounce packets off the outside interface. The exception appears to be if you try to contact yourself, when you get a 'Land Attack' denial. It's not clear why even that should happen, as the docs say the source and dest addresses and ports should match for that, and that doesn't happen often!!

New Member

Re: Nat to Static on outside not workin

OK, I -really- do have limited experience!! There is a chance that a router outside of my PIX is bouncing my packets back to my PIX, but I haven't managed to trace the route yet.

My comment about 'Land Attack' stands, however.


New Member

Re: Nat to Static on outside not workin

This should work, there shouldn't be any reason why it doesn't outside of a config issue.

The inside goes to the outside being Pnatd in the process. Once in the outside network it should be able to access a static map that goes into the DMZ.

I'm accessing the DMZ via the servers Public outside address from an outside Pnat address.

So as I can see it, there should be no reason this doesn't work.

unless the PIX has an issue with the Pnat engine talking to the static one. the only other thing I can think of is a special access-list applied to the dmz or inside interface to allow the return traffic.

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